30 October 2008

Whale Stranded

On the 15th of October, a beached Bryde's whale was beached on  Kuala Nenasi estuary in eastern Pahang state. It died a day later despite the villagers' efforts to save it. The shocking thing was that he preliminary findings of an autopsy showed the female had swallowed a black plastic bag, a rope and a bottle cap, which clogged its intestine.

I feel that we should not throw litter into the sea because we are actually harming innocent animals. I hope that this posting will allow you to realise the drastic effects of littering on marine life.  

24 October 2008

Young Marine Biologist Award: Winning Blogs

We have not been posting here recently because of the exams. Now that they are finally over, we will continue our regular updates again ;)

Our blog won the 2008 Young Marine Biologist Award (YMBA): Best Blog for Primary Category. We were thrilled!  We hope that with this win, more people will get to know about our blog and hear the voices of the reefs.  We thought that you might want to look at the other winners of the YMBA as well as they are very nicely done up to promote the reefs:

 Secondary Category 

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