29 November 2008

2 Nov 08: The New Paper Big Walk

On 2nd November, we went to the Big Walk! We participated in the fancy dress contest and decided to use marine life as our theme. The costumes are improvised from using our soft toys, curtains, hats, etc. We even made 2 signboards to promote the saving of marine life.

Although we did not win the contest, we still had a wonderful experience at the Marina Barrage and during the walk. We hope that others will still take note of our message and spread it around the world.

15 November 2008

17 Oct 08: Pasir Ris

This is really an overdue post as we were busy with our exams earlier. During that period, we were bored to death with studying and so one evening our parents brought us to Pasir Ris Beach to relax for a while or so. It turned out that it was low tide then, so we went to the beach for a walk.

We saw 2 carpet anemones! At first we thought it was coral until we realised that it was soft and bendy.

There were a lot of dead crabs too. The worst thing was they were found tangled in or alongside rubbish thrown by inconsiderate beach-walkers.

To our surprise, there were starfishes too.

And we saw a ribbonworm!

Hermit crabs wih shells of all shapes and sizes were also found among the rocks. Once again, let me remind you that we should not collect seashells as you are depriving hermit crabs and other animals of a home.

We saw some sea snails too! Unfortunately their shells were covered with muddy sand so we could not see the colours on them. I am sure that they are colourful.

And we saw a man carrying a bag of gong gong, which is a common delicacy in Singaporean seafood. Not sure if they are safe to eat as the waters are so badly polluted.

Worst of all , we saw a dilapidated Hello Kitty handbag! I wonder why its owner had to throw it away as it is polluting the sea and I believe that the bag was in good condition at that time.

Snack and sweet wrappers were a common occurence in the quicksand-like shoreline.

I feel that we should not pollute this sea just because its waters are classified as unsafe to swim in. This will only just make the situation worse.