17 December 2008

12 Dec: Sentosa Shore Walk

On 12 December, we went to Sentosa for a shore walk. Here are some interesting things we saw during the walk:

This is a coral skeleton.

Look at this mosiac crab!

Here is the flag used by the Naked Hermit Crabs to mark a spot where there are things for us to see.

Look at this gigantic tire! Although it is a piece of rubbish in the sea, there are wildlife growing on it!

This is a swimming crab. 

Can you spot the hairy crab?

This is the flower of the tape seagrass. We also saw the fruit!

This is a polka-dotted nudibranch. Isn't it pretty?

Corals!!! :)

At the site where we had the walk,the water was amazingly clear and we could see the marine life clearly in the water. I did not expect to see so many different types of marine life, and hope that people will stop polluting the seas so that we will be able to conserve these animals and plants. 

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Unknown said...

Hi Kathy, the crab you have there is actually a red egg crab, not a mosaic crab. Nice blog btw ^^