04 February 2009

"Immortal" Jellyfish Swarm World's Oceans

I found another article on the National Geographic website today. The article is very interesting, as it talks about a potentially "Immortal" species of jellyfish.

I feel that if this species of jellyfish continues to multiply, this might mean trouble for the oceans, as there will be too many of this species. Apparently, they are able to transform from an adult back to a baby, and they are able to do it not only once, but over and over again! However, this is only an emergency measure.

There are specimens of these jellyfish all around the world, however, in different areas, they take different forms. Swarms living in the tropical waters have 8 tentacles, while those in temperate regions have 24 tentacles or more.
As interesting as these creatures are, I hope that they will not spread too fast to disrupt the ocean's ecosystem, as that would be disastrous. A problem like that would be difficult to solve.

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